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Her Majesty’s Passport Office has introduced a way for customers to retrieve a digital photo when they apply for their passport online.

With this new easy solution, we can give customers a photo code that will be emailed to you direct with a link to apply for your passport on the website, you then put the code in to the form and the photo is automatically added for you, applying this way will be the only way soon, as the UK Government is moving to ALL renewal of passports online

Passport photos are easily obtained from the many supermarket booths dotted around the country – but sometimes it’s just not convenient to have a photo taken in one!  Anyone who has ever tried to hold a wriggling baby on their lap will know that!

The passport office have relaxed their rules now and say that you can upload a passport photo from your own smartphone.  As long as the passport photo is taken according to the following guidelines

The quality of your digital passport photo

Your photo must be:

  • clear and in focus
  • in colour
  • unaltered by computer software
  • at least 600 pixels wide and 750 pixels tall
  • at least 50KB and no more than 10MB
What your digital passport photo must show

The digital photo must:

  • contain no other objects or people
  • be taken against a plain light-coloured background
  • be in clear contrast to the background
  • not have ‘red eye’

If you’re using a photo taken during your application, include your head, shoulders and upper body. Do not crop your photo – it will be done for you.

In your photo you must:

  • be facing forwards and looking straight at the camera
  • have a plain expression and your mouth closed
  • have your eyes open and visible
  • not have hair in front of your eyes
  • not have a head covering (unless it’s for religious or medical reasons)
  • not have anything covering your face
  • not have any shadows on your face or behind you

Do not wear sunglasses or tinted glasses. You can wear other glasses if you need to, but your eyes must be visible without any glare or reflection.

Passport Photos of Babies and Children

Children must be on their own in the picture. Babies must not be holding toys or using dummies.

Children under 6 do not have to be looking directly at the camera or have a plain expression.

Children under one do not have to have their eyes open. You can support their head with your hand, but your hand must not be visible in the photo.

Children under one should lie on a plain light-coloured sheet. Take the photo from above.

However – sometimes people just don’t want to go through the hassle of doing it themselves and want to be sure their photo is just right.  In which case

I am happy to help.  My passport photos can either be printed out (still needed for a lot of visa applications) or supplied as a digital file. The cost for this service is just £15 – and if you subsequently  use me for any other photography service – I will refund you!

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