If we select Symply Photography to photograph our wedding, will it be you taking the photographs?

Yes- I do not hire other photographers to do my work. However, I have reciprocal agreements with a network of professional photographers who I can call upon if need be. I am also a qualified member of one of the largest professional organisations in the world who can also provide assistance in case of an emergency. I would do my utmost to make sure your wedding gets photographed in a standard that I am happy with.

If your wedding venue is more than a two hour drive from me, I would plan an over night stay to make sure nothing can get in the way from being at your wedding on time.

What are  you like (please don’t say you blow a whistle to get our attention!)

Guests often assume that I’m a guest too, because I don’t really act like a traditional wedding photographer. My aim is always to shoot the inside story of your day, and that works better if I’m mingling and blending in instead of telling people what to do. I use small, discrete cameras (made by Olympus , which don’t shout ‘PROFESSIONAL WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER COMING THROUGH!’ So if you’re looking for someone who’ll work quietly and confidently, who won’t bark orders at anyone, who’ll share a laugh with your Mum when she’s feeling nervous, be there (without you even noticing) at just the moment when you reach for each other’s hands during the ceremony … we should definitely chat.

Your couples all look really cool and relaxed, and we hate posing for photos.

Actually, virtually all  of my couples feel at least a bit awkward in front of the camera (who doesn’t, let’s face it) and it’s totally OK if you do too. Also, for most of the day, I’m focusing on what’s really happening without intervening or putting people on the spot. And the truth is, that’s way more ‘photogenic’ than you think it is. Really. When you’re happy, in love, and surrounded by your family and friends, you look amazing just as you are.

Are you insured?

Of course (don’t book anyone who can’t prove they have insurance – it really isn’t worth it in todays world) – my policy details are here

 I would, however, advise you also take out wedding photography insurance for your special day incase you yourselves become ill or circumstances arise that are out of anybody’s control. Wedding insurance can be purchased at a fairly low cost and will give you peace of mind on the run up to your day.

How many photos would you take at our wedding?

Loads! I place no limit on the amount of photos taken although it depends a lot on the venue, the weather and what you have requested. So it can vary considerably depending on the circumstances.

So what if it does rain?

Nothing really different happens if it rains. I still cover all of what we do only indoors and anywhere with a bit of shelter at your venue. I bring studio lighting in case I need to add a bit more light at your venue. I don’t let much stop me from getting great shots on your wedding day, there’s always a way! I always carry a few white brollies in the back of the car also – just in case! And if you are really worried we wont get any gorgeous shots – I will offer fours hours re-shooting time after the wedding in a location of your choice in all your bridal finery! (But trust me – you WILL get gorgeous shots)

Rain didn’t stop us capturing images like this!

Do you photograph groups, family and friends?

It’s totally up to you. In practice I find that I do them at nearly every wedding. We get organised with this before the day arrives, so I can do them swiftly and avoid keeping people hanging around. The key is not to do too many.

Do you charge for travel?

Travel is included within a 100 mile radius of Sleaford. Beyond that a small mileage charge may be incurred but this will be discussed at the time of booking. Whilst my work is predominantly in the Lincs, Notts and Cambs counties I have worked much further afield and therefore am always willing to take on weddings in any part of the country (or abroad!)

Will you bring an assistant or a second photographer?

More often than not I will attend by myself but I may bring an assistant to help me depending on the size of the wedding and plans for the day. If you require a second professional photographer to shoot the groom’s preparations and extra candid’s throughout the day, this is available for an additional £200.

What about wedding albums?

First and foremost I won’t sell you an album if you don’t want one. You are perfectly free to create your own using the images if you have bought the Symply Digital collection or the usb. However, if you want me to create you an album I can offer a large variety from the most traditional post bound, to the new glossy digital storybook albums.

Can we choose the photos that you put in our album?

Yes of course, the album is your treasured memory from the day and I’d like it to be perfect for you. I design a preview album for you to get the ball rolling and you can then make any changes you’d like.

Do you charge extra for retouching and editing our photos?

No- there are no hidden costs I look at each image individually and retouch them to the level that I think is needed. I always use my discretion when editing my photos – if something is obviously not meant to be there – I can remove it! For what its worth – I spend a week pouring my heart and soul into your wedding day images so that they are perfect for you!

How do we preview our photos?

Your photos will be put onto your own dedicated online gallery that is password protected. All guests will be given the password at the wedding so they can also view your photos once you have approved them. The website will stay online for a year giving everyone plenty of time to view and, if they wish, purchase prints securely via the Pay Pal or BACS system.

How long does it take for us to get our photos?

Your images will be available for preview by the time you have come back off honeymoon. You will not have to wait months for your images. Once you have decided on your album images it will take a further two – six weeks to receive your finished album depending on which style you have opted for.

All sounds good – but what is it going to cost?

I try to keep pricing as simple as possible   but please contact me as every wedding is individual and I aim to be as flexible as possible – and unusually in the wedding industry you only pay the balance of your collection WHEN YOU HAVE SEEN YOUR PHOTOS – so you can be guaranteed of total satisfaction. If you don’t like the photos – you don’t pay (and I leave the country quickly!!) After 25 years I’m still here 🙂

Can my guests buy reprints

Of course – reprints start from £8.00 each.

My friend has a decent camera – why not let him do it and save some money?

I have a decent set of scissors but I’m not going to give you a great hairstyle! Ok not quite the same but you get the meaning. There are many people who are reasonably competent with a camera but taking on a wedding is whole new ball game. Does your friend know about colour balancing or low light shooting without flash?

I work with three cameras, multiple lenses and flash guns and back up equipment and insurance- will a friend have the same back up if something goes wrong? Can they design an album – can they even supply a good album (a lot of album companies only work with professionals) Your wedding is unique and special – once the cake has been eaten and the dress dry cleaned the photos are the one tangible reminder of your day.

Many brides also want photos of the actual ceremony – please be aware that registrars and vicars will often only give permission to professional photographers taking photos during service.

All I ask, is that you think (very deeply) about who you are going to entrust, with recording the events, of the greatest (and possibly most expensive) day of your life !

Plenty of amateurs and uncles are capable of taking truly awesome pictures – occasionally. The difference with a professional is that they will deliver a picture that’s excellent every single time, and know how to manage your guests, without fuss,  so they dont feel like they’ve just come to a photoshoot rather than a wedding!

And if you need further convincing ………. 

Note the photo taken by a friend ” with a good camera” – and compare to the professional photographers image  …….which would you like in an album?

Ok- I want to book! What happens now?

A £200 deposit secures your date and you need to fill in a booking form. I operate a first-come, first-served policy and I can’t hold dates without the form and fee.

Any questions you may have that aren’t answered here?  Just give me a call on 01529 241633 ,or fill in the contact form!