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Lincolnshire Based Wedding Photographer Ranked in the Top 0.15% of UK Photographers (source, Free Index)

At Symply Photography, I specialise in wedding photography. I am based in Lincolnshire, but travel all over the country for weddings. I am ranked 4th on Free Index out of over 3600 wedding photographers, and have over 200 reviews averaging 4.9/5 across the web.

I am not your traditional wedding photographer, I am always looking for opportunities to capture unique moments throughout your special day to create a unique experience for you and your significant other.


Wedding Photography
with Sharon Mallinson

My style of photography is very unique to me. I capture moments that other photographers simply miss, such as a child pulling silly faces, or people taking selfies.

I capture tears of joy, tears of sadness, smiles, laughter, cringes, I capture silly moments, serious moments, and pure elation.

These moments are all part of a beautiful wedding day.





You might find a me in the background of someone’s selfie taking a picture of them taking their selfie. I spot unique and magical opportunities for photos that are never going to be caught again. 

You won’t be part of the ‘wedding season conveyor belt’ for me – I purposely book out time after the wedding to edit your shots so you won’t be waiting forever to see the finished article.


I only take bookings for 15 weddings per year. Why? Because I want it to be personal. I want you to know that I care deeply about your experience. You can count on me to know the names of all the important people, so that I can be personal when referring to them and this makes a massive difference.

seem to have a sixth sense when it comes to gauging the characteristics of yourselves and your guests and that allows me to capture the day in the way that it was experienced. This leads to photos that are personal to your special day.


When I spot perfect lighting to a beautiful photo, I’ll make sure I capture it. When I see you sitting down having a quiet moment with your new husband or wife, from across the room, I’ll capture it – you won’t even know most of the pictures were taken until you see the album.

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I only shoot 15 weddings per year and it’s important that you book yours before they all go

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2 De Burton Cl, Billingborough, Sleaford NG34 0PY

I am based in Lincolnshire, however I travel all over the UK for wedding photography.


Capture real moments; the stoic man wiping a single tear from his eye. The 8 year old boy holding his little sister's hand. The laughter of the room when something goes hilariously wrong...

Let's make your special day one you can remember forever with photography from Symply Photography.