Sleaford Portrait Photographer Wins Gold!

As a Sleaford Wedding and Portrait Photographer I know I have to keep ahead of the game.  There are so many people out there nowadays purporting to be professional photographers due to the fact they have bought the shiniest, newest , biggest megapixel camera out there – they put it onto “P” setting  ( because that means professional right???) and then, because they dont have to pay  for  training, insurance, back up cameras, studios to maintain, products to show,  even dare I say it tax to pay, they advertise at ludicrously low prices making those of us who do have all these things to pay seem expensive.

Well there is an old adage in life that you alway get what you pay for.  This is very very true with photographers.  I am not the cheapest photographer in Sleaford or Lincolnshire – nor do I intend to be.  Every booking I get a proportion of my money goes on furthering my training, perfecting my craft – trying to ensure that every client gets a quality portrait or wedding album that they can truly be proud of. Every so many weeks I take a trip up north to visit my photography mentor Damian McGillicuddy, who teaches me new lighting techniques, how to pose, how to be the best I can possibly be.

So to measure how well I’m doing I get my work critiqued and every now and then enter a photographic competition run by the Society of Wedding & Portrait Photographers. I have been getting  Highly Commended for my work which is an excellent bench mark of how I am improving –  but this month – in the Olympic month too – I struck GOLD in the portrait category.  These awards are incredibly difficult to obtain  and to say I am proud is a huge understatement.

So – if you are choosing a photographer please think beyond the initial price – it may cost you more in heartbreak if your  photos aren’t perfect – (particulary if it’s your wedding day – there is only one chance!) I know times are hard though and every penny has to count – so  give me a call and tell me what your budget is – you may be surprised at how flexible I can be – if you talk to me before making your decisions you may not have to compromise on quality. 🙂

Sleaford Portrait Photographer

Awarded Gold in the SWPP Portrait Competition




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