Pet Photography in Lincolnshire

I have been looking for a new model to work with over the last few weeks and I think I have found her.  She is absolutely beautiful, blonde,tiny and has a terrific sense of mischief in her eyes.  Trouble is she’s not really got much of an attention span at the moment so it is making my photography sessions very difficult.  Still it I guess just as I am constantly learning in my job as a wedding and portrait photographer, then models have to learn their trade too. Anway we only met on Saturday and I’ve managed to get a quick couple of sessions in with her – a bit frantic as she is constantly looking for the next meal – anorexic this girl is not!!


But I have high hopes for her and I’m sure we will work well together in the future – have a look and see if you think she has what it takes 🙂 Oh by the way – her name is Isla and is just 8 weeks old – and we are besotted !

Pet Photography in Lincoln


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