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Lincolnshire Prom Photography


A growing popular event that has come from America is the  school prom.  It is traditionally held at the end of the senior year, usually in High Schools but I have known more and more Junior Schools hold them! . It can also be known as a Leavers’  Ball or  Leavers’  Dinner.  It is probably the most major event among high school students. Certainly when both my kids had their proms they talked about nothing else for months before.  And as for the agonising over the clothes – you think a wedding dress is the main outfit of a girls life – er no!!

And it doesnt stop with the clothes – the transport to get there, the corsages, the make-up, can they sneak alcohol into the venue 🙂  So to all you kids out there coming to the end of your school years go and enjoy your prom night and make sure you get some fantastic photos – give me a call if you want some professional photos taken before the prom, or even better get your prom organiser to give me a call and I’ll take the photos at the event! Below are some of the prom photos taken from the various 6th form proms held by St Georges School in Sleaford.


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