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Irnham Hall Wedding Photographer

This weekend I was thrilled to be the Irnham Hall  wedding photographer, Lincolnshire  for Emma and Joe.

Irnham Hall in Lincolnshire  is one of those rare wedding venues that offer amazing facilities, beautiful settings and incredible attention to detail. Owners Leila and Jamie Benton-Jones are a well oiled dream team.  They work closely with the wedding party are very involved during the day making sure everything goes to plan.

I started my day at the Bridal Cottage just down the road from the Hall.  There I  captured Emma and the bridesmaids getting ready. I knew it was going to be an excellent wedding .  On my questionnaire I ask every couple to describe their wedding in three words.  Big. Fun. Drunk!

The joy of Irnham is that is has its own church in the grounds so Emma and her bridal party opted to walk from the cottage to the church.  Thankfully the torrential storms of the last few weeks had given us a break. No brolly shots today !

Joe and Emma are both in the RAF  so there were a lot of guests in their number 1 dress uniform. Always an impressive sight.  However, there was much concern when the Reverend Buckman asked the immortal question “if anyone can show just cause why this couple cannot lawfully be joined together in matrimony, let them speak now or forever hold their peace”.  When half a dozen military personnel stand up and look threateningly at the congregation …… there were no objections!

After the ceremony Emma, Joe  and their guests walked through the grounds of The Hall into the beautiful walled garden for drinks.

As is the custom with a lot of military weddings the uniformed personnel performed the the regal arch of swords ceremony for Emma and Joe to walk through.  Great picture taking opportunity!

As a recommended Irnham Hall Wedding Photographer, it’s great to see some of the unique aspects of every wedding unfold. There was boules, swing ball and croquet to play in the garden.  All set to the charming music by the Simply Strings Trio

After the photos  on the lawn, the guests went back to the Summerhouse at Irnham Hall  for their wedding breakfast and speeches.

It was clear to see during the speeches how much Emma and Joe meant not only to each other but also to their friends and family.

The most spectacular highlight – for me at least – was  when one of the “waiters” burst into song. The impressive performance from the Singing Waiters Masters swung into action.  I won’t spoil the way they operated.  But believe me if you want your wedding to be memorable these guys were amazing.  The “waitress” was non other than Maria Kesselman who played the part of Christine opposite Michael Crawford in Phantom.  Yes.  the singing was THAT good.  It was all that was needed -guests stood on chairs and roared their approval. The party had started and didn’t stop until the small wee hours!

In conclusion, it really was an honour to be their wedding photographer. Such a great crowd.  If you have any comments do please leave them below – especially if you were there!


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